Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The arrangement that is being proposed with Turkey may well be the greatest betrayal in the entire history of European civilisation. 

Let's examine the key elements of it: 
Illegal immigrants not deemed worthy of asylum protection will be returned to Turkey but, in return, the EU will accept a "refugee" from Turkey who is deemed worthy of protection. In other words, there will be no diminution of numbers at all. Any amount of brown-skinned invaders can come to Europe from Turkey and Europe has to accept those numbers, even if not always the specific individuals. Moreover, the Turks will have a clear incentive to maximise the number of illegals making the crossing because each of them will then force the EU to take a "legitimate refugee" off its hands. 

The Turks also get visa-free travel to Europe and a promise of accelerated EU accession talks, giving 80 million Muslims the right to colonise us without limit, as they have already colonised large parts of Germany and Austria. 

They also get 6 billion euros (per year?) in addition to the billions of euros they already earn from the illegal smuggling trade, a business they have deliberately built up by granting visa-free travel to almost every Muslim country in the Middle East and North Africa. 

Ever since they arrived in the Middle East from the eastern steppes, the Turks have always been the foremost external enemies of European civilisation (the Jews being the foremost internal enemies). Islam was actually in a fairly moribund state before the Turks arrived, converted to Islam and then rejuvenated it. The armies who defeated the crusaders consisted mainly of Turks. And the Turks went to successfully assault and capture one of the historic centres of European civilisation, Byzantium. They continued their aggressive expansion afterwards, only being stopped in epic sieges of Vienna and Malta and thanks to efforts of Spain in the 16th century, efforts that Spain was only empowered to make by the largely fortuitous arrival of gold from the Americas. 

This "deal" may finally give the Turks the victory they have long sought over Europe. It is the profoundest betrayal we have ever seen. And all of this to partially mitigate a problem our own leaders created through their own weakness, folly and deranged spirit of do-gooderism.


  1. Our "leaders"? Traitors do not lead people, they deceive them and for that they deserve only just retribution at the hands of the People.

  2. The European people have been brainwashed into defenseless self loathing helplessness by decades of indoctrination in political correctness. It is probably to late to save Europe because the majority of Europeans seem not to want Europe to survive as an ethnic homeland for Europeans.

  3. The unbelievable and shocking selling of the Middle East refugees must go down in
    modern history as a massive war crime more perverted, evil and soul-destroying
    events, far exceeding the rape, abuse and butchering of the young people of the
    14th century Crusade of the Children, which were 'disappeared' Turkey as they tried to reach the Holy Land.

    The english parliament, locked in debate over the swingeing cuts and punishments
    dealt out by the ever-smiling 'Chancer' of the Exchequer,and his kind sanitary
    towel tax relief seemed unphased at being invited to participate in one of the
    most horrific, heinous but calculated crimes, which could only have been thought
    out and supported by the pitiless, inherently cruel and perverted minds of those
    who govern the countries who signed into what is a satanic committing of innocent
    children and their parents to the many hells which the Turkish government uses against the Kurds, under the protection of the UK and the abject tolerance of certain EU member states.

    Why the intransigence of the UN, America, the Human Rights people, etc. Can they all have become mind-conditioned by Hollywood block-buster zombie and mad max films of mayhem & extermination & instructed by the new 'Uberkontrollen'masters ?