Monday, 14 March 2016

 The results from the regional elections in Germany have excellent for the patriotic cause. The AfD is in two figures everywhere and is even in second place in Saxony-Anhalt. The nature of the German political system means that almost all governments are coalitions, whether at the federal or regional level. Because the AfD's share is so large, it makes it awkward for the establishment parties to avoid dealing with it entirely by putting together coalitions that exclude it. Nonetheless, they will probably try and do this, setting up the "cordon sanitaire" as they call it in France, shutting out the far right patriots. Even this is good in its way, though, because it will define the AfD even more clearly as the repository for dissent to those unhappy with the Establishment's pro-refugee consensus. 

The CSU, the Bavarian sister party to Merkel's CDU, is now calling for dramatic changes to the countries refugee policy, including an maximum yearly limit of 200,000. But Merkel will most likely hold firm.


  1. A maximum yearly rate of 200,000 alien invaders, and that is supposed to be seen as a realistic change by Merkel's party? Factor into that "family reuinification" (the families are bogus, it's simply a way of getting more numbers of alien Moslems into Europe) and that the EU governments will lie to their peoples about that supposed "limit" number, and one can see that that party in Germany is still determinedly set on Genocide and Enslavement of the Germany people. Elections are a farce, all European countries have these coalitions, and these "controlled opposition" supposed populist parties. The same farce is being played out in the US presidential campaign.