Thursday, 24 March 2016

In Spain, a neo-Nazi group has attacked the country’s biggest mosque as anti-immigrant politicians across the continent blamed mass migration for the bombings. 
Members of Hogar Social Madrid threw smoke bombs and hung a banner at the Madrid mosque that read “Brussels today, Madrid next?”. The group also threatened to cut the throats of Muslims inside, according to witnesses. 
The leader of Italy’s anti-immigrant Northern League party was on his way to Zaventem airport to catch a flight when bombers struck on Tuesday. Matteo Salvini said he had not been afraid, but “furious”.

Similar actions were held across Spain by a group called in Salamanca, Zamora and elsewhere.

The photo below is from a group in Granada. Appropriately enough, it looks as if it was taken from the top of the Alhambra, the former Muslim fortress/palace.

Yesterday Paris, Today Brussels, Tomorrow Granada?

Here is a video from the group in Salamanca, where I lived for a while.

The groups in the various cities seem to have different names - Lo Nuestro (What is Ours), Csyn Salamanca, etc. - but their actions must presumably have been coordinated in some way. I'm not sure if there is some larger grouping that they are a part of. Their tactics seem similar to the Generation Identity groups in other countries but I'm not sure if they have any formal affiliation.


  1. Throw every Muslime out of Europe. They have no place in civilized countries and cannot be trusted. they have but one goal and to allow them to stay and to prosper and at the same time use our liberties against us is suicidal. They must go. No one knowingly keeps poisonous vermin in their home.