Tuesday, 1 March 2016

A scolding "too far" to some children sparked off the punitive raid, with lots of fire and three people intoxicated [by the fumes]. It happened yesterday in Vannucci alley, in Ballarò. The carabinieri have shed light on what appeared to start with a dispute with the immigrants. 
The three victims - a 44-year-old, a 37-year-old and a 27-year-old of Nigerian nationality - have been taken to the Polyclinic for assessment. One of them told the soldiers that, before this, he had rebuked children who were playing football in the square opposite his own house, driving them away. A rebuke which apparently did not go down well with the families of the children, who intervened to exact revenge. 
"The children," explained the carabinieri, "returned accompanied by around twenty peopne, including parents and residents of the zone, armed with bats and bottles containing flammable liquid. Within a few seconds the attacks passed from words to action. While the three barricaded themselves in the bathroom, the group smashed in the entrance door starting a fire which in a short space of time enveloped the apartment, filling it with smoke. They succeeded in escaping through a window."


  1. That's how they do things back home in the Old Country...and they still remember the Moslem invasions back a few centuries...

    1. So you're American? What the fuck would you know?

  2. Los políticos sionistas no comprenden que los occidentales tenemos una educación muy desarrollada, y mucho más avanzada. Hay muchos inmigrantes que no la poseen, y eso ya es hora de aceptar. Y, si además, esos inmigrantes no desean cambiar por mucha ayuda que le ofrezca alguien no va a cambiar su educación.

    Aunque viendo algunos individuos occidentales, ya tienen la excusa perfecta para anular el lógico y natural hecho comentado.

    El peligro no viene de afuera, está adentro, y tiene nombre : se llama ; ignorancia.

  3. It is called diversity and multiculturalism. If you do not embrace it, you are a moral failure and other nasty words.