Wednesday, 2 March 2016

To avoid the pressure of being sought by Belgian and French security authorities, Moroccan and Algerian criminals have come to Münster as asylum seekers. Similar things were observed previously in Dortmund. The immigrants are "totally out of control", and had "lost any respect" for the police and justice system. Many of them dealt drugs, committed thefts.


This is revealed in secret police documents that were sent anonymously to a newspaper. The fact that this is happening shows the level of frustration that must exist among the police themselves.

It also reveals that police checks were only performed on 10-20% of asylum seekers last year because of the pressure of numbers.

Only 25-30% of "refugees" coming from Austria have identity papers and these are often "incorrect or completely made up".

The prosecutor in North-Rhine Westphalia decided that it "wasn't in the public interest" to prosecute 5900 crimes committed by immigrants last year.


  1. Quite simply, as this article shows, the Police at all levels along with the Government are either acting for the invaders or are cynically viewing the criminality of the invaders as a useful 'softening up' tool to keep their 'own' native peoples in check. "When a Government becomes destructive of its ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government..."

  2. Interesante y vital noticia, que, sobretodo, puede permitir, para la defensa de los partidos políticos patriotas :

    Los alemanes, verdaderos, van a ganar, conseguirán ésta vez la victoria, y Merkel pierde, ha sido vencida nuestra amiga Rebeka. Lo siento Rebe.


    Un blog magnífico, muy bueno, y de gran ayuda para conocer la verdad documentada.

    Saludos amigos míos, desde España.

  3. Thought you might enjoy this Cheradenine, or perhaps enjoy is too strong a word; find it interesting perhaps:

    It's an old article from 2011 about interesting Judaic concepts such as you have discussed regarding their treatment of "truth", and also a similarity with Islamic sharia law that justifies child sexual abuse:

    'He also argues that sexual abuse is enabled because of traditional Jewish religious thinking in which people have no natural right to use their bodies as they wish, but rather this right is granted by someone with higher power–an aspect of traditional Jewish authoritarianism. Note also the statement by a prominent rabbi that the “argument of ‘truth should not be suppressed’ is one originating from the non-Jewish world.”'

    Eye-opening to say the least.

    1. Thanks. I'll have a look at that.

    2. The statement by the rabbi that "the argument of truth should not be suppressed is one originating from the non-Jewish world" is correct from the point of view of Judaic ideology: lashan hara is the concept of "evil speech" --- that which, EVEN IF IT IS TRUE, can, if known or spoken, be regarded as offensive by the hearer(s) OR possibly endangering to the Jewish 'community' en masse (probably because if heard or known by non-Jews it would give that person an insight into Judaic ideology and the raison d'etre of Jewish activities, actions, agenda, goals etc.

  4. Oh man you are really spreading anti-muslim propaganda, keep up the good job.
    you are making it lamer :D :D