Sunday, 20 March 2016

Such is the official dominance of do-gooderism and political correctness that an alarmed group of senior French civil servants has taken to anonymously publishing warnings about the effects of immigration on France and Europe. Under the pseudonym of the "Plessis Group", their latest article has been published in Le Figaro.
Migration now poses an existential threat to Europe. Let us not be naive. If nothing serious is done, the migratory tide is not close to stopping. 
... It is not impossible that we are witnessing an event of historic scope that will mark the end of Europe as a political construction and bring about the long-term and perhaps irremediable destabilisation of European societies. We hear of more and more French people ready to leave for abroad, to find there, for them and their family, the security and the future that they believe they can no longer find in France. In the face of this ill wind, solutions exist, including, first of all, the effective and active protection of our borders, by force if necessary, and the complete rewriting of all our legal and administrative systems for managing migration. We lack a a voice that is respected, credible, serious, voluntary and patriotic, to carry them into the political field. We, like many others, await the emergence of this personality.


  1. Efectivamente.

    La inmigración masiva y descontrolada que sufre todo Occidente ( Israel no es Occidente aunque participe como país en competiciones deportivas, ya que es un país de cultura no cristiana desde su creación, aunque su estatus democrático es parecido al occidental, de ahí algunos gestos para lo mencionado, etc ) solo puede llevar a un destino, con dos opciones :

    1. La Guerra en Occidente, a corto plazo.

    2. La Guerra en Occidente, a largo plazo.

    Naturalmente, esa guerra será civil.

    Y, es que, parece ser, hay algunos documentos y estudios, que dicen, entre otras cosas, el problema de la gran cantidad de seres humanos en el mundo. Otros documentos históricos con el Plan K.

    Y que mejor solución para esas cabezas pensantes criminales que crear una guerra para reducir la población mundial. El problema será al final, si en ese recuento habrá alguien vivo.

    Saludos Diversity.