Thursday, 3 March 2016

The Pope had a meeting with a left-wing French Catholic group calles Poissons Roses [Pink Fish]. the conversation was reported in the French Catholic newspaper La Vie (link).
Also forming part of the delegation, the director of the Catholic weekly La Vie, Jean-Pierre Denis. He describes the substance of his interview with the pope in an article titled "Conversation politique avec le pape François". With his interlocutors, the sovereign Pontiff in particular raised what would be a good globalisation. "All the world is united, but each people, each nation conserves its own identity, its culture, its richness. For me the stakes are this good globalisation, that allows us to preserve what defines us." It then broached the burning topic of immigration. "We could speak today of Arab invasion. It's a social reality," admitted the Pope. To add, optimistically: "How many invasions has Europe experienced over the course of its history! It has always been able to overcome, to move forward to find itself then made greater by the cultural exchange."


  1. "Cultural exchange" -- is this a sick joke?

  2. Han drogado al Papa o lo han suplantado.


    Que desastre..