Sunday, 6 March 2016

Not sure where this is. According to the negroes, the first two girls they accost are English.

At the end, the name Djoela Montana appears. Googling yields a link the Facebook page of one Djoela Goldsmith (link).

Think this is the same negro? The facial physiognomy looks almost identical to me.


I'm  pretty sure this is the same negro. Looking at some of the other videos on his Facebook page, they too say "Made with VivaVideo" in the bottom right corner. That means someone could make a complaint to the police and get this negro charged.

He describes himself as an African living in Paris so the original video may well have been shot in Paris. Someone should file a complaint to the Paris police, providing a link to his Facebook page. They should be able to track him down from that.


Actually, this definitely is the negro concerned. I can see the video at the top further down his Facebook page. So it should indeed be possible for the French police to track him down. Their activities in the first video surely have to be a criminal offence. Could some French person file a criminal complaint against Djoela Goldsmith please?


Actually, I've just filed a complaint myself. Not sure whether it will do any good.


  1. I would very much like to see Europeans filming themselves shooting these negroes and arabs currently infesting their countries. One can dream...