Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The study showed that large majorities in the haredi and religious-Zionist sectors would give preference to Jewish law over democratic principles in a situation when the two come into conflict. Similarly, 86 percent of haredim and 69 percent of religious-Zionists believe that Jewish law should be enshrined as state law for Jewish citizens.

This is from a Pew research study, again showing the similarities between Jews and Muslims. According to the same study, around half of all Israelis also think Muslims/Arabs should be expelled from the country en masse.
The president, political leaders and civil rights groups condemned as deeply worrying on Tuesday the results of the Pew Research Center report showing almost half of Israelis supporting the expulsion or transfer of Arabs from Israel. 
President Reuven Rivlin said the study brings up troubling challenges that need to be dealt with immediately, after being presented with the report’s findings at the President’s Residence. 
...“This poll should be brought to the attention of the government and the nation’s decision makers,” Rivlin said. “It shows even more than before the need to deal with our internal issues.” 
Rivlin called the finding that 48 percent of Jewish Israelis believe Arabs should be transferred out of Israel particularly troubling. 
“This is a very dangerous situation,” he said, adding that it threatens the democratic character of Israel. “You can’t have democracy just for Jews.”
This poll result is heartening. If Israelis could be encouraged to implement this idea instead of deprecating and discouraging it, some at least of the Jewish journalists and influence mongers in the west would inevitably be driven to defend the legitimacy of such expulsions, which in turn would make it easier for we Europeans to do the same. The mould of multiculturalism has to be broken; and although diaspora Jews have played a vastly disproportionate role in creating and imposing that mould, Israeli Jews could also play a useful role in shattering it.


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