Friday, 25 March 2016

You could make the case that this Pope is really killing off the Catholic church. Last year, the church issued a document instructing Catholics to no longer try to convert Jews. That in itself, it seems to me, represents an abandonment of the quintessential self-belief that lies at the heart of any religion, an admission that Catholicism is not a universal creed valid for everyone, but just a religious club like any other.

And this is interesting considered in the light of the Prophecy of St Malachi, a document produced in the Middle Ages which prophesied future Popes, each described cryptically in some Nostradamus-like verse. There were 112 Popes listed. The current occupant, Bergoglio, is the 112th in the sequence. He could be the Last Pope. In embracing Mohammedans and forswearing the conversion of Jews, he is, in effect, killing off the Catholic church.


  1. Killing off the Church was what he was elected for: the Catholic Church has been infiltrated for centuries. Take heart, it is always darkest before the dawn and, if you take the correct theological view, Christ has already won and it is for the True Believers to acknowledge this openly; that this involves persecution, rejection and possible death has already been stated by the Lord Himself but to Him and those who believe in Him belongs the Victory over death.

  2. God help us all. This Pope is dismantling western civilization. And I say this as a traditionalist Catholic.