Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The Counterjihad movement has successfully established in the public mind many of the countless examples of Muslim absurdity such as their propensity to drink camel urine and the like. But there are many comparable examples of Jewish absurdity - often very similar in nature - that are much less well known. So this will be an ongoing series highlighting some of them, intended to establish both the alienness of Jews and their similarity to Muslims.

Did you know that some religious nationalist Jews are forbidden from listening to songs sung by women? Or that, for this reason, Israel had a radio station featuring songs that were originally sung by women rerecorded by men with the men's voices up-pitched to sit in the female register?
The religious-nationalist Jewish compromises with modernity regarding women are exceedingly complicated in many ways. The Halacha forbids Jewish males to listen to women singing whether in a choir or solo regardless of what is sung. This is stated directly in the halachic ruling that a voice of a woman is adultery. This is interpreted by later halachic rulings stipulating that the word "voice" here means a woman's singing not speaking. This rule, originating in the Talmud, occurs in all codes of law. A Jewish male who willingly listens to a woman's singing commits a sin equivalent either to adultery or fornication. The great majority of NRP faithful members, nevertheless, listen to women singing and thus commit "adultery" routinely. Some of the most strict NRP members, especially among the religious settlers in the West Bank, have not only puzzled over this problem but at times have tried to solve the problem of how to adjust by developing creative approaches. In the early 1990s some of the settlers founded a new radio station, Arutz, or Channel, 7. For their station to become successful and to appeal as broadly as possible to Israeli Jews, the settlers understood that the songs of the fashionable singers of the day, some of whom were women, would have to be broadcast. The rabbinical censor, however, has refused to allow a breach of the Halacha whereby male listeners would hear female singers and thus commit "adultery." After further consultation with the censor, the settlers devised an acceptable solution that is still being employed. Men sing the songs, made popular by women; the male voices are then electronically changed to the female pitch and are broadcast accordingly over Arutz 7. A part of the traditional public is satisfied by this expedient, and the learned NRP rabbis insist that no adultery is committed when men listen to the songs being sung. The Haredim obviously have rejected and condemned this accommodation and to date have refused to listen to Arutz 7. Even more importantly, the Haredim, after increasing somewhat their political power in the 1988 elections, were able to impose their position in this regard upon the whole state by forcing a change in the opening of the new Knesset session. The opening ceremony previously began with the singing of "Hatikva," the Israeli national anthem, by a mixed male-female choir. After the 1988 election, in deference to Haredi sensitivities, a male singer replaced the mixed choir. After the 1992 election, won by Labor, an all-male choir of the Military Rabbinate sang "Hatikva."
Source: Jewish Fundamentalism Within Jewish Society by Israel Shahak and Norton Mezvinksy (link)


  1. I will also add that jewish woman living in Israel can not divorce without her husband's permission, called "Get". A husband can secure a divorce whether or not his wife consents. This is also the law for orthodox jews in the US (they have different marriage law than the rest of americans). There is also a jewish sect where the jewish women wear burkas. Jews in Israel are not allowed to marry non-jews. There is gender segregation in many places in Israel, including in buses or sidewalks. Jewish vigilante groups patrol the streets, trying to prevent jewish women from dating arabs.

    Jewish parents are highly involved in mate selection for their sons and daughters (arranged marriages). A child born to a married woman from another man is labeled as a bastard (mamzer) , and is not eligible to marry another Jew.

    A married woman who had a sexual relationship with another man is not allowed to marry the latter once her marriage is dissolved; a Cohen (a man belonging to the priestly caste) may not marry a divorced woman; a woman who has been separated from her husband for reasons beyond her control, such as war or disappearance – may not remarry at all. Moreover, women whose husbands refuse to divorce them are also banned from remarriage.

    Same-sex couples are also excluded from marriage. Interfaith marriages are not recognized either, since Judaism, Islam, and other religions impose restrictions on marriage between people of different religions, and in many cases even regard this kind of marriage as void.

    According to Avigail Moor, a psychologist who treats victims of sexual violence and a researcher at the Tel Hai college in northern Israel, more than 60 percent of Israeli men and 40 percent of women do not believe that forcing sex on an acquaintance constitutes rape. As for sex without consent in a relationship, only 18.5 percent of israeli women and only 17.3 percent of men thought that was rape.

    There are many curses against women in the Torah. Orthodox Jewish men in their daily morning prayer recite "Blessed be God King of the universe that Thou has not made me a woman." The women, on the other hand, thank God every morning for "making me according to Thy will." Another prayer found in many Jewish prayer books: "Praised be God that he has not created me a gentile. Praised be God that he has not created me a woman. Praised be God that he has not created me an ignoramus."

    As Peter Beinart wrote in his New York Review of Books essay: “For several decades, the Jewish establishment has asked American Jews to check their liberalism at Zionism’s door.”

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  3. Wait til you get to the umpteen rules on Ablutions, yet another example of the Judaic origins of Islam, they are nearly identical. Interestingly, just recently Gates of Vienna put up a thread about anti-semitism which was designed to elicit a Pavlovian response from its readership, in the course of which Dymphna remarked of Islam that "In any other culture, these compulsions {rules surrounding cleanliness and prayer}...would be seen as crippling and bizarre." She also remarked, correctly, on Islam's view of child sexual abuse yet, as usual, not a mention of Judaism's stance in that regard which is more extensive, obvious and appalling. In this age of the Internet, when people can educate themselves, the self-enforced blindness and/or deceit of the false 'counter-jihad' will eventually "end in tears" at the very least, and hopefully soon, so that a genuine and successful response to both ideologies can be formed. It will be an essential factor in the victory of European peoples.