Thursday, 24 March 2016

Israel has carried out a number of covert operations to bring Jews out of war-torn countries, including Syria 
Many of Yemen’s last remaining Jews arrived secretly in Israel at the weekend after a covert operation to whisk them out of the war-torn country. 
It was unclear how the 19 immigrants left Yemen, which is under a Saudi-led naval and air blockade. The Jewish Agency, a quasi-governmental body that promotes immigration, said only that it was a “complex and covert” operation and that the Yemenis did not travel on an Israeli plane. 
The US State Department helped to organise their travel. Israel and Yemen have no diplomatic relations.


  1. That makes them smarter than every Eurotrash leftist and the governments that they support. You won't find them importing their own destruction and then supporting it by giving it food, housing and money that others pay for.

  2. So sad. In every place Jews have been allowed to settle, Jewish leftists and Jewish rightists have competed to destroy the native population. For centuries, European leaders recognized this and expelled the Jews — exploiter and exploited alike. Since Jews became a global power, however, they have despoiled and subjugated every free people. The only force they fear now is Islam, which they disrupt and provoke to keep the public obsessed with the terror, but which through its Jewish-like obsession with building networks to obtain money and power, may ultimately overcome the US and thus the world.