Thursday, 3 March 2016

Saxony is the region of eastern Germany where the Pegida demonstrations take place. There have also been lots of less programmatic anti asylum-seeker protests there, including the scenes at Clausnitz that provoked indignation in the country's ruling class. As a result, it has acquired a reputation as a far-right patriot stronghold.

Saxony's vice-president, Martin Dulig (SPD - Socialist), gave an interview to Die Zeit in which he deplored the extent of "racism" in his state and said the police needed to undergo more multicult brainwashing.
In the police there is a great for catch-up in respect of intercultural competence - and in the management culture. When statements inciting hatred are made from the stage, why do the police not take anyone's details? I also wonder whether the sympathies for Pegida and AfD within Saxony's police are above the population average. As those in charge of the service, we expect that they internalise basic elements of political education.


  1. What the idiot politician doesn't get is that yes, it is far above average than in the population and no, you can't brainwash this out of them. The reality of what they have to deal with every day is what makes them have those sympathies.

    They have to deal with these muddy invaders on a daily basis and were they not ruled over by traitors the morgues would be very busy dealing with the constant influx of dead rapists and other human trash.

  2. "internalize basic elements of political education" Sounds rather DDR-ish.