Monday, 14 March 2016

The President of the Central Council of Jews, Josef Schuster, sees his fears confirmed by the outcome of the regional elections. The resenments against refugees that have been spread and the fears of the Other have helped the AfD to voting results they did not deserve, said Schuster to the Jüdische Allgemeine: "That a thoroughly right-wing populist party which tolerates extreme right-wing positions receives so many votes testifies to a horrifying swing to the right within society." 
It is now the test of the democratic parties to react to the fears in parts of the population and counter a further division in society, in order to take the ground away from the AfD. "Together we must fight back against the exclusion and denigration of minorities in our country. We are convinced that in the work of parliament the inability of the AfD to find actual solutions for political problems will become apparent," said Schuster.

Meanwhile, in a similar vein, Jewish journalist Ben Shapiro resigns (link) from over its support for Donald Trump. Is there anyone reading this site who would still deny that Jews tend to attack and undermine patriotic parties, candidates and movements?


  1. The only people more suicidal than the Germans are the Jews. Go figure.

    1. There is nothing suicidal about their tactics and ultimate goal and their control of media, academia and finance (as well as buying politicians and forming false opposition groups) underline their confidence, not suicidal arrogance, that they face no real opposition.

  2. Looking at the voting pattern in the German local elections, one sees that, as usual, the other parties have enough votes to simply form yet another coalition and thus keep this latest supposed opposition group, AfD, in the shadows, thus stoking resentment amongst German peoples, but not enough to make them realise that this party may also be a false flag and that they may be wasting energy better put to removing a dictatorial and genocidally destructive government. I could be wrong, but this three party situation is repeated too often in Britain, Germany, Austria and elsewhere for it not to be part of the enemy's strategy. Either that, or people are simply too misinformed, hedonistic and short-sighted to realise that extreme situations require new thinking and extreme solutions.