Tuesday, 1 March 2016

As I've mentioned before, the last time they tried to ban the NPD, around 2003 if I recall correctly, it turned out the party had been massively infiltrated by government agents. These government agents were actually making many of the important decisions in the party and were keeping it going with their financial contributions. Around 25% of those in authoritative positions were actually government infiltrators and it was their actions that formed the basis of the court case.


  1. Eso es un hecho alarmante.

    Algo sólo concebido para regímenes totalitarios.

    Lo que nos lleva a pensar que no existe democracia auténtica en Alemania.

    Las consecuencias son imprevisibles. Yo si fuera Merkel construiría un bunker en algún país amigo de sus protección, porque lo que se avecina es muy gordo.