Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The lawyer Alain Jakubowicz was re-elected for three years at the head of Licra (International League Against Racism and Antisemitism), which he has presided over since 2010, the organisation announced today. Mr. Jakubowicz, 62, was-re-elected in his functions at the 48th congress of LICRA which was held this week in Paris. "The context is difficult but our responsibility is only the greater," he underlined in a statement, calling for LICRA to face a "tormented" period "with lucidity and determination". 
Emphasising that antisemitism "has become commonplace and is now displayed without inhibitions," LICRA deplored "the demonisation of Islam" that has "given birth to a hatred of Muslims that is day-to-say, frontal and without nuance." "It is appropriate to combat the supposed metamorphosis of the Front National into a Republican party," added LICRA, because "although the facade of the far-right party has been haltingly cleaned up, its stock in trade has only been renewed," and "the worst is the dissemination of its ideas in large sectors of public opinion."

LICRA is one of the main multicult organisations in France, involved in pushing immigration and diversity and stigmatising patriotism as evil. It was founded - as the League Against Pogroms - by a Jew in 1927 to justify the murder in Paris of an expatriate Ukranian by another Jew who blamed him for pogroms in the Ukraine. The accused Jew confessed to the crime but said it was justified. He was acquitted and walked free. After that, LICRA, under various names, morphed into a general Jewish ethno-activist organisation, before broadening out to embrace anti-racism and diversity propaganda. It is one of the main anti-free speech organisations in France, lobbying for laws that criminalise free expression and routinely bringing legal actions against goyim who say the wrong things.

If you can read French, Anne Kling's book La France Licratisée is well worth reading (link and Amazon link).


  1. Of course they would 'deplore the demonisation of Islam' since islam derives from talmudic judaism. Once the anti-semtisim is a crime scam if put into law, it will become a crime to criticise judaism and, by extension, islam, thus opening the way for a full attack on Christianity and Western civilisation and genocide and/or enslavement of Christian peoples as 'servants' to the new world order.