Wednesday, 16 March 2016

One evening in an empty classroom at our school last June, the English department got together to go through the courses offered by the new A-level and GSCE curriculum specifications. There was an uncomfortable moment as we realised that very few of the set texts we’d be teaching our students in the new school year were written by women, and fewer still by writers from ethnic minority backgrounds. 
We knew that we’d have to work very hard to make texts like The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (set way, way back in the Victorian past and including just one female character, a fainting maid) relevant to our students. As it stands, ethnic minorities are represented by just 5% of texts on some GCSE and A-level modules, according to our calculations. 
To put that into perspective for our school, I have the privilege to teach a co-ed cohort where over 40 languages are spoken and 30 ethnicities are represented. We know from teaching them every day that texts like Jekyll and Hyde are the hardest for them to relate to. 
We know they lose interest if they don’t recognise themselves or any part of their lives in the stories. We know the stories that fully engage them are those where the plots and characters hold relevance for them. After some soul-searching, we agreed to try and do something to make a difference besides teaching. We decided to launch the Curriculum Campaign, our appeal to increase the representation of women and ethnic minorities on the GCSE and A-level curriculums. We feel very strongly that in a country where women outnumber men by 51% to 49%, it can’t be right that, based on our own research, they are only represented by 31% of texts at GCSE and A-level.

This is a good illustration of how our culture is being eroded by the presence of the aliens and the dogmas of Equality. Of course it leaves out any consideration of relative literary achievement. Although women compete more successfully with men in fields that require verbal aptitude than in almost any other (because they have an inbuilt genetic advantage when it comes to language processing), even there the disparity between male and female achievement is large. 31% is a significant over-representation of female authors given the relative weight of their achievement. How many great female poets have there been in the history of the English language? None.


  1. What is very interesting to me is that feminism and third-worldization work together. You often hear the phrase "women and minorities", "racism and sexism", etc. The more influence women have directly leads to more minority influence, and vice versa. The majority of those who vote for diversity, multiculturalism, and left wing parties are women. For example only one third of Swedish Democrats voters or german AFD voters are women.

    Why? Because women pay only 30 percent of taxes, but receive the vast majority of welfare, pensions and medical care, and benefit from diversity quotas/affirmative action, so they often support other parasitic groups and often work together with them to expand the welfare state and affirmitive action/diversity policies.

    Basically, many women and minorities have similar (parasitic) behavior and similar (more government, more affirmitive action, more quotas, more taxes, more welfare, more "give me, give me") goals. They also both fear potential white male violence. So basicaly white men in the West are getting attacked by a coalition of their own women working together with minorities.

    Have a look at pro-immigration demonstration (lots of women)

    and anti-immigration demonstration (very few women)

    There is corelation between the level of female influence in first world societies and the third-worldization of those societies. You will see the opening of borders and the spread of low IQ immigrants in the most feminist societies, such as Sweden, Norway, Canada, Britain, the US, Germany, etc. Have a look at Sweden – the most feminized country on Earth – it accepted much more refugees per capita than Germany itself. It is number 1 in Europe for accepted refugees per capita. And many people are calling Germany crazy for taking lots of muslim refugees. Well, Sweden is even crazier than Germany.

    Female influence in society corelates with the level of xenophobia in society.
    The xenophobic anti-immigration countries are those with no feminism, such as Israel (in many ways Israel is culturally similar to the US from the 60-s), Eastern European countries, Arab countries, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, etc.

    1. Studies show that women are more friendly toward foreigners/people who are not in their group.
    2. They show that women are more willing to donate to foreigners in need (women are more altruistic towards foreigners/refugees in need). It follows that a country with lots of female influence should be more altruistic towards foreigners.
    3. They show that women are more egalitarian than men. (Definition of egalitarian: Someone who believes in the equality of all people, especially in political, economic, or social life, and advocates for the removal of inequalities among people).
    4. They show that women are less conservative, less "racist", and less punitive than men.
    5. 75 percent of converts to Islam in Britain and the US are females, as well as the majority of those who mix with blacks.

    So i don't think it is a coincidence that jews are supporting feminism for western countries, but do not support it for their own country.

    My theory is that if you want to destroy an ethnic group, simply increase female influnce in that group. Increase it a lot. And voila. Since females don’t care about ethnicity that much, and are not xenophobic, the country will open it’s borders, and will welcome everyone. As a bonus, you will also get negative birth rate for the feminized host group.

    All kinds of other ethnic, religious and racial groups will move in, and will start vying for dominance; the feminized host group is projected to become a minority in their own country.

  2. "The xenophobic anti-immigration countries are those with no feminism, such as Israel (in many ways Israel is culturally similar to the US from the 60-s), Eastern European countries, Arab countries, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, etc." And they suffer discrimination and poor families:
    ". There were no significant sex by social class interactions with respect to the sociopolitical attitude dimensions. In line with previous findings, females were found to be somewhat less interested in politics than males." From your third link

    1. Can you use your brain at all? All feminist countries have negative birth rate and all feminized peoples are projected to disappear because of that. You can check it by yourself, if you are not too lazy or stupid. In western countries, it is the most feminist women who have the lowest birth rate. For example the states in the US with the lowest white birth rate are the liberal states, and the states with the highest birth rate are religious and republican states. The state with the highest birth rate in the US is Utah state - populated by mormons. The white countries with the highest white birth rate are Argentine and Ireland - both are countries that banned abortion. The group with the lowest birth rate is the women with the highest education.
      "Census said women aged 40 to 50 years who were in managerial or professional occupations were more likely to be childless than women of similar age in other occupations"

      There is also a connection between birth rate and religiosity, which could be observed in many places, such as South America, USA (amish), Muslim Countries, Israel, etc.
      Religious people usually have more kids than non-religious people. Religious people are traditional and not feminist.

      So basically feminist women are destroying themselves right now, due to:
      1. Negative birth rates, leading to them become minority in their own country.
      2. Feminised societies are dysgenic - the women with the highest education are the women most likely to be childless, which leads to the lowering of IQ and the dumbification of the population in feminised societies.
      3. The fact that feminist women are not xenophobic, are more likely to betray their own people, and are too selfish to care about their own group, and their own people, which leads to feminist women opening the borders to savages.

      The last stage of feminism is barbarism. Remember what happened to the Roman Empire. It will happen again.

    2. TFR for white non muslim women in the EU - 1.5 (negative)
      TFR for white non muslim women in Canada - 1.5 (negative)
      TFR for white non muslim women in the US - 1.75 (negative)
      TFR for white women in the US religous/republican states- 1.85 (negative)
      TFR for white women in the US Liberal states- 1.6 (negative)

      The feminist countries with the highest WHITE and NON MUSLIM birth rate are:
      (bear in mind that real white birth rate is lower than the country's birth rate, since non-whites and muslims raise the birth rate of those countries. For example Sweden's TFR is 1.9, but if you remove the birth rate of non-whites and muslims, it becomes 1.7)

      Sweden - 1.7 (negative)
      Norway 1.7 (negative)
      Denmark 1.6 (negative)

      The feminist countries with the lowest WHITE and NON MUSLIM birth rates are:

      Canada - 1.5 (negative)
      Germany 1.3 (negative)
      Austria 1.4 (negative)
      Switzerland 1.4 (negative)
      The Netherlands 1.55 (negative)

      The White women with the highest TFR are those from:
      Ireland 2.0 - negative (abortion is illegal in that country)
      Argentine 2.1 - at replacement rate (abortion is illegal in that country)
      Utah State, USA 2.3 - positive. This is a conservative state populated by religious white people (mormons).

    3. The end state of feminism: Welcome to New Sweden

  3. I will just copy paste several comments, that were very interesting to me, by a swede with nick “Jack Burton” that comments at Zerohedge, describing the connection between feminism and the opening of borders to the third worl:

    "“And blaming women is not popular. It will not get you a date. But in Europe, women have taken over society in nearly every sense. Men are worse feminists than the women. It is a proven fact the the people most active in Migrant welcoming organizations, feeding stations, mangers of temp. housing, and demonstrating for migrants rights. Most of them are middle age women without any husbands. Watch videos from Europe carefully, you will see hundreds of migrant young men, and it is always the white middle aged woman who is handing them bread, or serving the soup. In the Calais migrant camp it is a few Middle Age French women who keep the migrants fed. They come every day to do what they can for thousands of young single Islamic men.”

    “These women all have college degrees in feminism and social welfare theory. They want migrants as that employs women in the social services. Liberal and leftists women whose jobs are in government and social welfare.”

    “I already posted about the Swedish woman who befriended a group of young male migrants on a Swedish train. They drank together and sang songs and she got to know these new Swedes. Then she was gang rapped by them. So what does she do? She remains reluctant to file charges, do to the fact that “They are refugees and they might have a different culture, and it is hard for them.”

    “Jesus, that is all you need to know about Women in Europe. And notice who is always out front to help migrants and to welcome them. Yes, usually middle age to 60 year old single women. They have nothing, no family, so they adopt migrants as their cause, expecting migrants to love them in return.”

    “I told you it was this bad, but no! It really is worse. In many small towns, the migrants prowl the streets while locals stay home. Letting children, young girls out of the house is now impossible. And guess what? Swedish feminists are fighting hard for Migrants rights, demanding borders stay open and more taxes be put on people. Women is Sweden have most of the political power, they have spoken. “Open borders” “Cancel Swede’s rights to accomodate islamic culture” “rape is the fault of cultural differences”

    I said this before, and got my ass ripped open for it. But here it goes. “If MEN do not take back political power in Europe, away from the women, and institute a defense of Swedish culture, then it is all over”.

    “The stupidity of a raped Swedish woman to not want to get the migrants in trouble because she feels sorry for them. You know where that comes from? Brainwashing leftist tachers in Swedish schools.”

    “The locals are told that these newcomers will boost the economy and improve life by bring their diverse culture to Swedes. Anyone daring to say a word about it is attack by the feminists who call them nazis. This migration is very much a migration of young single black and arab men, 80-90% are 15-35 Male. The major social supporters in Sweden, those who greet migrants, protest for open borders, work in refugee centers, hand out food, and generally work to welcome the migrants are ” Women , single , aged 40-65. Middle aged women. Now if you knew personally who was out thee fighting for more migration, you would know them as loser feminists spinsters. It is actually a joke in Sweden when you see a middle aged woman handing out gifts and foods to 25 year old Black Migrants.”"