Thursday, 17 March 2016

Not a single woman of my acquaintance would willingly use public transport after 8 pm, reports Andrea Berwing from Berlin. Frau Ulrike Demmer from the RedaktionNetzwerk Deutschland speaks on Phoenix on the 13 March 2016 that she hasn't noticed any problems in Berlin related to the refugees. She really believes that and I ask myself, who is she talking to? 
... In the evening I go to the Volksbühne [Theatre] and go over the trams to the rear area via Torstraße into Berlin's Mitte. I see how two young men notice me and separate. One of them walks behind me and comes ever closer. The other stays in range. As I start to feel more and more uneasy, I stop and step to the side so that the man behind me has to go past. I look him in the eyes; he looks nonplussed. Then he runs to the other man. They look like "new arrivals". 
A female friend leaves my birthday early. She doesn't want to use public transport at 10 pm. She is afraid. On her last journey with her 13-year-old daughter she was vehemently stared at. That was so unpleasant. A man even walked behind her and blocked her path. Since then she hasn't allowed her daughter to use public transport on her own. 
A female friends sees at midnight how two women were harassed and groped by two men. Danziger Straße/Ecke Eberswalder Straße. The two women get away. 
On Kurt Schumacher Platz my daughter is driving on the evening back from her late shift. There are several cars at the traffic lights opposite the cross. Four men kick a car, pull its doors open and pull a young man out of the driver's sear, throw him on the road and kick him. Then they take his girlfriend. Throw her on her boyfriend and also kick her. My daughter sees a knife being pulled. She calls the police who have already received four calls. The incident doesn't appear in the police report the next day. 
All of the men looked Arab or North African. Not a single one of them German. These are reports from normal people in my circle of acquaintances. Also people who initially supported the refugee policy. Reports of personal experiences within the last 4 months. ...  
Dear Frau Ulrike Demmer, I can only say that this is not nothing. And Spring and Summer aren't here yet when we women and girls wear dresses and skirts. And we don't know whether we'll still be able to do that. Perhaps we will be prescribed times when we are allowed to wear dresses and skirts, just as times for women have been introduced in some swimming pools. 
Our culture has been forcibly refilled with another culture. What happens when you fill up a diesel car with petrol. It feels like a forced marriage and forced marriages used to be forbidden.

These kinds of experience must be virtually universal in the major urban centres. In a society that prizes order like Germany, this has to produce a reaction soon or later. Even confirmed do-gooders are crashing into reality.


  1. Did you see the quote by some UN asshole in the Telegraph today? It was in the article about the Turkey deal:

    ""The collective expulsion of foreigners is prohibited under the European Convention of Human Rights," Vincent Cochetel, the UN refugee agency's Europe regional director, said."

    Does this mean it's over then? That we will have to keep these savages here?

    1. No - all odious contracts can be repudiated. Especially ones written by criminal Jews to protect their anti-white agenda.

  2. Oh god, this makes me sick: