Friday, 18 March 2016

The incident took place in the social services department for the population of Amsterdam-Nieuw West, one of the seven administrative divisions of the city. A team leader took the personal initiative of sending an email to his colleagues, more precisely his female colleagues, asking them to comply with a new dress code in future. It stipulated a prohibition on wearing mini-skirts or dresses as well as boots going up to the knees for staff serving at counters. A witness says: "The prohibition is due to the fact that the manager things these forms of dress are shocking to the people who use the municipal services." The manager has since been quickly called to order. "There is no such prohibition in force," declared the spokesman of the local authority services officer to the Volkskrant.
Source The article neglects to mention the fact that this district of the city is majority Mohammedan, mainly Turks and Moroccans.


  1. Me gustaría saber qué han dicho las asociaciones feministas en el país amigo, y sobre todo en la región afectada por ideas anti-democráticas y contra la libertad de expresión de las personas.

    Interesante noticia.

    Muchas gracias, Diversity.