Friday, 11 March 2016

The AfD apparently want to restrict the religious practices of Muslims and Jews in Germany in several respects. 
The "Bild" newspaper quotes from the party's draft programme, according to which the ritual circumsision of boys practised by both religious communities should also be prohibited due to "grave human rights violations" along with the unstunned slaughter of animals that is usual in both Judaism and Islam. The party progamme is to be agreed at a party meeting in Stuttgart on 30 April. 
Religious circumcision infringes human dignity and disregards the fundamental rights of the boys concerned to bodily self-definition and unimpairment, the newspaper cites from the draft programme. As "Bild" reports further on, in its 72-page long programme, the party also rejects minarets as "symbol of Islamic supremacy" along with the calls of the muezzin. These "contradict the tolerant co-existence of religions" which "the modern Christian churches" practise.


  1. If this gets passed, this would make the Muslims leave, but they should of added the mutilation or circumcision of girls too, it would of had a netter chance to pass.
    France govt admits to its many mistakes on allowing Muslims so many concessions.
    The reason why the male circumcision won't pass is that they will bring medical evidence of less uti infections in boys because of circumcision.
    I pray these r not hooked together, the martinet and the circumcision, as then they r setting precedence that with a failed vote, the govt is saying it's okay for martinets.
    Both these amendments should be separate

    1. There is massive medical information to contest any assertion (principally by Jews) that circumcision has ANY medical advantages; quite the contrary, and the Jews were the ones who pushed the false line of circumcision as a means of 'preventing' all manner of diseases (tuberculosis, blindness, syphilis, etc ad nauseam) and, most significantly with both male and female genital mutilation, that this was a means of preventing 'sexual immorality.' Circumcision is a form of control over others' bodies, of ownership (the original verse in the Old Testament not only refers to Abram circumcising himself and his son but also "all in your household who have been purchased with money" {slaves}. The OT further relates how Jews circumcised their captured enemies. It became quite a medical racket in the mid-19th and throughout the 20th century especially in the US and it also included female genital mutilation being done by American doctors long before there was a noticeable Moslem population there.

  2. By the way the title, "the cane" is retarded

  3. By the way the title, "the cane" is retarded

  4. Hay un problema de orden técnico, creado por los propios políticos occidentales, al permitir en Occidente democrático a culturas anti-democráticas ( con sus costumbres reconocidas en la religión ).

    Para ello, si se adoptaran las medidas lógicas para cumplir la ley, en numerosos países de Occidente, pudieran aparecer otros problemas consiguientes por las causas del problema ya comentado anteriormente, p. ej. en el Islam.

    1. Si se prohíben determinadas prácticas religiosas, como es en el Islam, que es el sistema jurídico-religioso más preocupante y fanático, anti-democrático, aparecería disturbios de diversa índole en las zonas donde se prohíbe, y de igual forma Terrorismo islámico.

    2. Si se prohíbe el Islam, en Occidente, cumpliendo la ley vigente de los derechos fundamentales --- no es necesaria modificar la ley, sino aplicar la ley existente --- en las distintas democracias occidentales, significaría la creación de un conflicto traducido en ¨ guerra de guerrillas ¨ en Occidente, y la expulsión de todo sujeto o individuo que fuese adscrito al Islam, de forma comprobada y documentada. Con la seguida pérdida de nacionalidad del respectivo país donde ha adquirido la nacionalidad, o bien ha nacido : de igual forma bajo el amparo de sus progenitores o por defecto de las Autoridades del país para deportar a otras naciones por acuerdos multilaterales acordados.

    Hagan lo que hagan los políticos nos han metido en un problema muy grave, y ahora no saben maniobrar para ningún lado, además dejando en mal lugar a los ciudadanos nativos de Occidente, a sus democracias, a las leyes, y a su seguridad como país occidental.

    El panorama es interesantísimo, y será un show.

  5. Minarets are an interference with other religions? Ukrainian Catholic churches here have minarets. No body else has a problem. The call to prayer? Lets ban church festivals, picnics, Las Vegas nights, all those horrible activities.
    Fighting terror, excluding Muslim refugees, don't require such interference with religious traditions.