Sunday, 21 February 2016

Farage by zakalwe2

Apologies, this video capture was a bit off.

Millions of people concerned about the immvasion of their country have vested their hopes of stopping it in UKIP. But UKIP exists primarily to oppose British membership of the EU. What becomes of it then if Britain votes to leave, or even if it votes to remain, since that will presumably settle the issue for the foreseeable future? Does UKIP just pack it in? Does Farage? These are serious prospects. Who then will represent the millions of discontented Britons who see their country being rapidly conquered by alien hordes?

Even if UKIP continues with Douglas "Friend of Turkey" Carswell as leader, it would then become a pro-immigration, anti-EU pressure group. UKIP support comes from people concerned about immigration, not people concerned about the EU, so that will spell the end of its existence as an effective political force.


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