Tuesday, 9 February 2016

These are the minutes of a meeting between EU leaders and Turkish leaders. They were published by the Greek website Euro2day.gr

These are shocking. They show the absolute prostration of EU leaders in face of Turkish threats.

What should be done instead? Turkey should be told that it will be charged €100,000 for every "migrant" that arrives in Europe via Turkey. If it refuses to pay, a customs tax should be imposed on Turkish imports to recover the money.

In addition, in face of persistent failure, Turkey's free trade agreement with the EU should be terminated. Its accession agreement with the EU should be terminated regardless.

Notice Erdogan saying Britain wasn't a democracy? 


  1. Any leader that wants to see Erdogan's Turkey in NATO is a traitor to all Europe and the West.

  2. Turquía debe de ser expulsada de la O.T.A.N. ( NATO ), ya, ahora, rápido.