Thursday, 4 February 2016

This UKIP advert, which has predictably been denounced by the Guardian (here) and the usual suspects, is actually great. My only quibble is that they glide over the Armenian Genocide and various other anti-Christian pogroms with the euphemism that the Christian community "has dramatically disappeared". 

However, UKIP fail to point out that their only MP, Douglas Carswell, was one of the founder members of the Conservative Friends of Turkey Association and, along with his chum Danial Hannan, expends extraordinary effort arguing that Turkey should be offered EU membership.


  1. In that DM article about the Sons of Odin, did you notice in the picture of Hasim Keles, the Kurdish good for nothing kebab maker he proudly has a portrait of Che in the background and a plaque in the front with the Islamic shahid which is basically discriminatory to other religions. Shame they stopped allowing comments, I would have mentioned it there. Che, of course, was a racist philanderer, not a figure worthy of the worship he enjoys

  2. Che Guevara also signed 2,500 Death Warrants for the children of his perceived enemies. Typical Left Communist scum idolised by the like-minded.

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  4. UKIP is very far short of what our country needs. As it moves closer to the possibility of power so the draw of the liberal centre will become irresistible; UKIP’s latest star, Carswell, – already tipped as likely leader after the general election – has made many statements in favour of immigration and has denounced what he calls “angry nativism” , although “angry nativism”, it might have been supposed, is why people vote for UKIP! Farage has said that he wants to recruit skilled engineers from India rather than from continental Europe while Carswell (again) speaks of UKIP being for “first and second generation Brits as much as for those whose ancestors came over before the Norman conquest” – in other words, UKIP too wants to pander to the minorities.

  5. Right. All those who think that UKIP and Frogface are a solution had better look at what Frogface has done with a bequest from Allen Boyce, former National Front member.

    I knew Boyce, the man who played the awful rendition of the Last Post at National Front Remembrance Day marches. He unfortunately became involved in illegality and was prosecuted for his involvement in a racial incident.

    He was also one of those who were hoodwinked into thinking Frogface was the new Messiah. He left them £27,000 in his will. When Frogface found out about his criminal conviction, terrified that his anti racist credentials would be compromised, he donated the money to a Third World charity.

    Great bloke? A phoney, race mixing piece of sh**!

    U.K.I.P. are blatant controlled opposition. It is their role to allow all the Africans and Asians already here to stay (already 30% of our country, census says 20% back in 2011 but that does not include the ones let in since, illegals, not to mention the fact that we know how they lie about everything), and keep letting more in on top, keeping the % going higher and higher, and hopefully fooling airheads into thinking we are doing something.