Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Look at the number of comments on these articles in the hilariously misnamed Comment is Free section of the Guardian. Note the total absence of comments for the article about refugees on the top right (link here). That's because the comment facility was not switched on for that one. "We can't let the dumb plebs speak about their own genocide. They just don't understand how extinction is good for them."


  1. For a few years now on the comments pages of the Daily Telegraph one has read comments from poor, unloved Guardianistas who have fled, grieving, to the DT's pages and complained that their comments on certain subjects (such as the toxic ones) are either deleted or, worse still poor sensitive souls, they themselves are banned from the Guard's pages. So, this has actually been going on for a loooong time and the G has simply made it official. Anyone from the G seeking a home at the T will find the free speech straightjackets have been in place for some time there, too. We, the people, have to set up our own media (and not in the main cities, it's in the suburbs and countryside that facts will be essential, a smaller operation altogether than the capitol city papers, and one should not assume the internet will stand against such chains as the NWO is fashioning for our tongues and minds).

  2. Posiblemente, hayan recibido grandes cantidades de dinero, para censurar.

    Y, lo más seguro, que ese dinero venga de estamentos de poder, del propio país, o de Bruselas.

    Más claro, el agua.

    1. In one sense, the Guardian already had for decades an enormous 'financial incentive' to censor because it was the only newspaper which the Labour Government used to advertise in for employment and the British Government (of whatever political party or coalition) is the largest employer in Great Britain. The Guardian has therefore towed the government line of successive governments. This latest restriction probably does originate from the totalitarian EU and it is interesting to note that RUSSIA TODAY, which likes to position itself as alternative media to Western media, relies heavily on Guardian 'journalists' for its reports and interviews (as on its Crosstalk programme). The stranglehold on freedom of speech is Continent-wide and encompasses all political parties and ideologies.

  3. The Guardian is the print propaganda wing of the Leftists. Worthless paper. Worthless sycophantic reporters "journalists". An embarrassment to anyone that believes in a free press and a purpose for the press beyond agenda journalism. Without a trustworthy press there can be no democratic institutions because there is no informed public.