Thursday, 4 February 2016

After having committed a collective rape, some of the perpetrators minimise the incident.   
One of them even declares that the victim should not complain because "women must obey men". For Johan Vande Lanotte, the Socialist minister of the town of Ostende, it is about defending our values: "Some new arrivals have a problematic image of women". 
The incident took place last November. But it was revealed by accident last week. A teacher at Ostende Technical Institute drew the attention of the police to a a pupil who had made himself noticed through a photo of himself wearing a military uniform and carrying a machine gun. During the investigation, the authorities discovered a sordid video on his mobile phone: accompanied by six other boys, he is seen abusing an apparently unconscious girl. The perpetrators of this collective rape laugh, dance and sing in Arabic, specifies Het Laatste News. 
Earlier in the evening, the 17-year-old girl went to have a drink with her friends, before ending up at a party in Ostende where, according to some witnesses, she is said to have consumed alcohol to the point of unconsciousness. Where was she taken then? It's still not clear. It is known however that she returned home in a taxi. 
Among the perpetrators, two "jeunes" of Belgian nationality. Five others are said to be Iraqis, and at least two of them are involved in an asylum-seeking procedure. They are between 14 and 25. Only the eldest denies the rape, while the others all admit that they had sexual relations with the young girl. 
During their questioning, they were very disagreeable, considering sometimes, as Het Laatste News make clear, that elsewhere a collective rape was something completely normal in the world. One of them also said that "the young girl asked us to take her" - while the images show clearly that she was incapacitated. 
According to one of the perpetrators, she should not have complained anyway, "because women only need to listen to men."


  1. Women should listen to, if my boyfriend tells me to shoot, castrate and hang the bastards that rape me, I should do just that. Right on!