Sunday, 7 February 2016

“We need a very serious full-court press, standing up, taking action, initiating civil litigation and administrative actions and strengthening US law as relating to the Arab boycott,” he stated. 
His big idea, which some other groups and supporters of Israel have also started to campaign for, is for “Congress to let victims of [Israel-related] economic and academic boycotts into US courts” to sue those boycotting them. 
He said that the “US in its trade relationships with countries around the world, as well as with the EU, can utilize its international trade power to mandate that companies not can force the EU to change” its negative attitude toward Israel “or enact laws which make it painful to do business in the US because of discriminatory conduct” to Israel. 
Asked whether this scenario is realistic, with the EU being a major diplomatic and economic player that could cause economic pain to the US, Heideman admitted that such a confrontation “may not be in the US’s best interests” from a realpolitik point of view. ... 
He explained that to be effective, the legislation would need to empower a large array of federal institutions to take action against Israel-related discriminatory boycotts, including the US departments of Commerce, Justice and Treasury via the Internal Revenue Service. 
Further, Heideman asserted that, despite tension and disagreements between the Obama administration and the Netanyahu government, “I think Obama would sign legislation that addressed discrimination against Israeli companies.”

It may not be in the US’s best interests. It may not be in Europe's best interests. Do the Jews care?

UPDATE: I have read that the Transatlantic trade deal being negotiated (TTIP) has clauses in it that will relate to Israel and permit punitive legal action in response to boycotts of Israel and (perhaps) the "Occupied Territories".

The Trade Promotion Authority legislation also contained the anti-BDS provisions, which will discourage European governments from participating in BDS activities by leveraging the incentive of free trade with the United States.  The amendment mentions specifically “politically motivated actions to boycott, divest from, or sanction Israel and to seek the elimination of politically motivated nontariff barriers on Israeli goods, services, or other commerce imposed on the State of Israel.” It also seeks “the elimination of state-sponsored unsanctioned foreign boycotts against Israel or compliance with the Arab League boycott of Israel by prospective trading partners.”


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