Monday, 29 February 2016

The long shadows of the crisis: 49% of Germans are afraid of refugees. Almost one third of Germans (29%) think that the integration of refugees will not succeed. This emerges from a representative poll published on Monday by Infratest Dimap on behalf of the NDR Political magazine "Panorama – Die Reporter" with 1025 people polled. 
The largest group of those polled (38%) want 200,000 refugees per year to be accepted, 17% want to accept up to 500,000 refugees each year. Only three per cent are in favour of accepting up to a million refugees. 21% of those polled are in favour of a complete stop to receiving refugees. 
... However many view the social consequences with concern: 62% fear an increase in crime. Almost as many (57%) fear the influence of Islam in Germany will become too strong. 
The immigration as a whole splits the population: 49% of Germans are afraid of the high numbers of refugees, 49% not. Over the course of time it is apparent that this split has remained unchanged since October 2015. Germany is similarly split over the question of whether refugees are positive for life in Germany. 46% consider the refugees an enrichment, 51% do not.

So only 3% are in favour of an influx on the current scale - 1 million per year - . but 38% want 200,000 invaders each year and 17% want 500,000!


  1. 'Gutmenschen' means 'do-gooders' with all the contempt which that term encompasses: immature people, who have never faced reality but wish to see their already proven disastrous ideologies (Communism, Multiculturalism, Racism, Tolerance) imposed on others whilst assuming they themselves will miss out on all the blowback (known to the more educated as Nemesis, the Angel of Just Retribution).

  2. El peligro no viene de afuera, está dentro de Occidente.

    La ignorancia de los occidentales, es el gran peligro para nuestra seguridad.