Saturday, 13 February 2016

"In my office, they tell me no one dares to take a shower naked any more, they are forced to wear boxer shorts. Others aren't allowed to watch certain programmes on the television..."
Mohamed Loueslati, Muslim chaplin responsible for 20 insitutions and 6000 inmates, in his book "Islam in prison", estimates that "people of immigrant origin, represent more than half of the overall prison population, even two-thirds in some institutions, although they are only 8% nationally." These figures are unverifiable, emphasises Stéphane Scotto. "We are not in England where inmates indicate their religion upon arrival: recording this data is prohibited in France. My only indicator is the number who signed up for Ramadan: 1000 last summer." For 2300 inmates...


  1. El nuevo proxenitismo se llama Islam, y las cárceles son el lugar ideal para Mahoma.

    ¨ Si el Islam es anti-democrático..
    ...por qué se permite en Occidente ¨ .