Tuesday, 2 February 2016

This is a local council meeting in Bad Schlema, a small town of about 5000 people in Saxony, Germany.

When a man tells the council leader (Jens Müller of the Freie Wähler, a small political party) that his 10-year-old grand-daughter is being sexually harassed by migrants when she goes to school, he tells her not to provoke them and to use a different route. This provokes jeers and protests. He threatens to call the police. He insists that Germans engage in sexual harassment too. And gets the reply: "Yes, but when Germans do that, they go to prison."


Bad Schlema is a tourist spot, famous for its spas [Bad]. One of those present made the point that tourists did not want to spend their holidays in "Islamabad".

The videos below give an impression of the town. Now ruined by Muslim invaders.



  1. One of the main reasons, never mentioned in lying media, for this invasion of Moslems into Europe, is paedophilia, not just by the Moslems but also by the genocidists and enslavers who form so much a part of the administrative part of the EU. Young children, Moslem, are brought in as sex slaves and sold on the market as such, and young native European children are gang-raped and assaulted by them and, as shown in Britain, the people in power have a long history of sexual abuse of children, on quite an 'institutional scale' (abusing children in care homes, orphanages, via media outlets like the bbc, etc).

  2. Subtítulos del vídeo en castellano :