Monday, 8 February 2016

The words read "Asylum defence". This float appeared at a carnival in Bavaria. The local prosecutor's office is now investigating. 

The parade in Düsseldorf was cancelled but the floats were displayed in front of the town hall. This one, showing the Kurds being torn apart by Islamic State and Erdogan, has provoked outrage among Turks. The Turkish consul has demanded that it be removed.



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  2. You can always tell when the truth is told by who squaks the loudest in protest.

  3. Who created the conditions for the Isis there was the Jewish-Israeli loby.

    The destabilization in Iraq and surroundings is something planned from the beginning of the 80s

    The very Israeli media boasted that were bush jews accessor those responsible for the lie of chemical weapons and resulting aggression and destabilized the iraq

    It is known that al Qaeda took part in the Arab spring receiving help from the American government CONTROLLED.

    It is well known that such ISIS received American arms and Israeli medical help.

    "Israel provides medical and military help for Syrians rebels denounced commissioner of the UN! UN Commissioners reported that during the last 18 months the Israel government through its military has been providing medical and military aid to the rebels Syrians .According to the inspectors, meetings between Israelis and Syrians military rebels are common and occur in golinas Golan! "