Friday, 1 January 2016

Marielle Timme, who escaped from the Bataclan attack on 13 November, denounces the prevailing xenophobia speaking on the microphone on Europe 1, especially after the racist excesses in Corsica four days ago. 
"I have noticed that racism is now very uninhibited (décomplexé) in France. Already for several years now, but even more so after the attacks," she says. ... "What is happening in Corsica, to see that 'jeunes' from the estates acted badly and that the reaction of the rest of the population, whether to attack a prayer room, to tear and burn copies of the Koran, I find that completely disproportionate. I am going to tell you: I was a hostage, and at the back of my hiding place, I had a thought for all my Muslim friends. I said to myself 'they're going to get it in the head, the poor things'."

Marielle Timme is a local councillor for the Socialist Party.

This is a good illustration of how powerful the brainwashing is. We need to grasp the almost limitless strength of the Unreason that grips the mind of our ruling class. Many people delude themselves into thinking that rational arguments and evidence can change minds. But that very rarely happens.

A few years ago, when the mainstream press was rejoicing at the Arab Spring, we "Islamophobes" already knew how it would turn out. When you let Muslims vote, they vote for religious nutjobs. When you give them freedom, they use it to oppress non-Muslims.

Some people thought that the Arab Spring, when it went wrong, might actually be a good thing, because it would cure our rulers of their delusions about the Religion of Peace. But has it? No. Because those delusions are not amenable to evidence-based contradiction. When people have invested their entire sense of self in an idea of something sacred, they are highly-resistant to countervailing facts.

Imagine that you sat down with a Muslim and tried to convince him that Islam was a fucked-up ideology because it sanctioned actions that were barbaric and evil and because it had ruined every country that had ever practised it and had sowed conflict and violence everywhere it spread. Do you think you would have any realistic hope of convincing the Muslim to stop being a Muslim? Of course not.

Imagine you sat down with a Jew and showed him evidence of the ways in which Jews had harmed the people they had lived among as a diaspora: You went through a list of the many times Jews had allied with foreign aggressors during times of war, worked with rulers to oppress their own people, developed and implemented ideologies like Communism (or Islam) that, objectively, resulted in mass fatality and suffering. Do you think you would have any realistic hope of convincing him that perhaps antisemitism wasn't something irrational and demonic but a defensive reaction to troublesome Jewish behavioural patterns? Of course not.

The ideology of the ruling class within European civilisation is the Religion of Equality. Its sacred dogma is that any group of people has the same genetic potential as any other group of people and that any variation in their life circumstances must have arisen through some malformation of the social structure rather than a deeper difference in their intrinsic nature. This is the basic idea that lurks beneath Socialism (lower class/upper class), feminism (women/men) and multiculturalism and immigrationism (Europeans/non-Europeans). Just as Muslims or Jews would go to their deaths before giving up their idea of the Sacred, so, too, will adherents of the Equality Cult. They will embrace their own annihilation rather than admit they were wrong. Unfortunately, unless we can figure out a way to dethrone them, their annihilation probably entails ours too.


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