Sunday, 31 January 2016

The Turkish language has become one of the official languages of the European institutions in Strasbourg after the promotion of Turkey to be one of the most represented countries in the Council of Europe. 
The Council of Europe has thus adopted Turkey as one of its six official languages alongside English, French, Russian, German and Italian during the winter session currently being held in Strasbourg. 
Furthermore, the European Court of Human Rights, the international jurisdiction founded by the Council of Europe, has also adopted Turkish as one of its official working languages.


  1. The Plan comming son...

  2. The EU is only about maximizing the profit for the globalized elites. They think they will get a bigger market by letting Turkey join the EU. No cultural or political considerations beyond short term profit.
    Besides, willing to be admitted to the EU, Turkey has exerted pressure on Merkel and Co via massive shipment of third-worlders into Europe. The EU needs steady territorial growth, but this is not possible. It will follow the fate of the USSR and deintegrate.