Monday, 4 January 2016

A mob of young men harassed women in Cologne at New Year. The police are being reserved when asked about the perpetrators. On the social networks, resentments against refugees are boiling. 
It is one of the most visible parts of the city: every day thousands of passengers get on or off at Cologne's central railway station, it is never empty... 
It was here of all places that at New Year a series of attacks on women took place, of a kind that Germany has never known before, recalling scenes from the distant Tahrir Square in Egypt. Around 60 women have filed complaints with the police in recent days, claiming they were attacked by a mob of young men - eyewitnesses estimate between 20 to 100 perpetrators - and grabbed, threatened, insulted and robbed. 
...On the square in front of the railway station, thousands of men had gathered on New Year's Eve. They appeared to be of Arab or North African origin. Small groups formed that surrounded women, harassed them and stole mobile phones and purses from them, it is reported. The men had been drinking alcohol and were completely out of control. 
"This is a completely new dimension of violence. We have never experienced this before," said the regional chairman of the GdP [Police Trade Union], Arnold Plickert, to the German Press Agency. According to the GdP, the crimes were committed "from a surrounding crowd of more than 1000, heavily drunk people."


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