Thursday, 28 January 2016

I wrote about this incident a while ago (here). It's interesting that it has now reached the diplomatic level. The Germans are saying she consented. But how can a child consent? Just about any civilised country considers sexual relations with a child to be rape, whether the child attempted to resist or not.


  1. You're forgetting, CZ, that Germany is on its way to full islamisation (Merkel's claim "We can do it" people wrongly construed as having something to do with 'refugees'). In Islam, there is no underage concept with regard to rape of a child (via 'child marriage') and, anyhow, the Koran in Surah 4 states, regarding females, that 'not forbidden to you' (Moslem men) are "that which your right hands possess". The poor child was considered 'war booty' (Surah 8). This is one of the reasons which I believe explains why the genocidists and enslavers of the EU's leadership are so keen on judaism and islam; both condone paedophilia.

  2. Jews are the only ones responsible for the genocide by substitution population that currently is under way against European / white. Are Jewish minds that since the end of World War II, are behind laws that facilitated the invasion of Europe by racial aliens and criminalizing the opinion of European people

    In Germany:


    In France:


    The knee jerk reactions "I love Israel" "I love Jews" "poor Jews" "antisemitic" this and that etc it's all thoughtless pavlovian training. I assure you 99% of the 'conservatives' who suck up to Israel for no apparent logical reason do not know or interact with any Jews at any time and certainly not powerful or connected Jews. Yet they will blush and gush for Israel, a country as artificial as possible which has only taken from us, depended on us for existence, yet has given zero in return. They have literally done NOTHING for America and even spied on us AND attacked the USS Liberty (Google it). This pattern of mindless fawning and defensiveness over Israel and Jews is to me striking evidence that the average American is not logically concluding support for Israel but subconsciously pressured into accepting the opposite of anti-semitism: Jewish supremacy, nestled in some basic assumptions. 1. Jews are not just (stereotypical) victims, but the most victimized (if so, then ask why...); 2. Jews are (stereotypically) intelligent and financially gifted (if you say that about whites it's automatic racism); 3. Jews are "God's chosen people", a scripturally/theologically UNsound assertion.