Friday, 22 January 2016

Austria is going downhill, in the opinion of two-thirds of the population. They blame immigration for this above all (74%). Germans judge the situation in their country in exactly the same way. This was the result of parallel studies from the Spectra Institute in Linz for Austria and the IMAS Institute for Germany, which were presented on Friday. 
People in both countries agree that immigration from the Middle East and Africa brings more disadvantages than advantages. In Austria the negative feeling predominates by 67% to 9%, in Germany 57% to 12%. 
... In both countries the jobs of their own population are seen as threatened (Austria: 42%, Germany. 30%). 34% of Austrians and 25% of Germans fear even worse. They agree with the statement: "If mass immigration continues like this, there will soon be civil war-like conditions."


  1. There won't actually be 'civil-war like' conditions: what may well happen is that the EU, deploying its 'army' (EUGENFOR) will attempt to put down any national, internal revolts against what is, in essence, an attempted, slow-term genocide of natural, Caucasian, Christian Europeans in favour of the Third Worlders and, when the most active, patriotic and nationalistic peoples amongst the Europeans are finished off, imprisoned or largely neutralised, the enslavement of the weaker remaining Europeans will begin (although this seems to already be proceeding full throttle in terms of financial dependency via socialistic governments.) This is why I believe we should refer to the EU 'leaders' (carrying out their masters' orders) as 'genocidists' and 'enslavers', most certainly NOT 'elites.' We are under the rule of Judaic law and a kakistocracy (rule by the least able).

    However, one must always look on the bright side because that way, ultimately leads to victory: a majority of people are now aware of the genuinely, overriding negative aspects of what is being done to them. They don't yet know WHO is behind it, what its ultimate aims are, and how much they still possess the inner resources to defeat all this. But, history tends to throw up the right man for the hour, so continue to spread these facts on a person to person basis; you will be surprised at how responsive people are becoming to hearing the truth.

    1. The more realistic scenario would involve:

      (1) Patriotic elements in the police and security forced 'turning' and joining the Nationalist forces.

      (2) The EU army recruiting Arabs, Africans to staff its military to be used against Europeans.

      (3) Open fighting in the streets. Urban warfare.

      (4) Targeted assassinations and bombings.

      (5) Intervention by US, NATO, Eastern European, Russian forces.


      This is going to get ugly.

  2. La guerra civil en Occidente ya ha comenzado.

    1. Yes, I agree that the 'Western civil war' has already begun but, at the moment, only one side is fighting it and it's not OUR side.

  3. If Europe does not abrogate the 1951 Convention on Refugees, it is finished. The EU courts rely entirely upon this document to erase EU borders and provide assisted entry to anyone claiming to be a 'refugee'. The global population in the developing world is over three times what it was in 1951. That document addresses the conditions of another historical era.