Friday, 15 January 2016

North-Rhine Westphalia is the German federal state where the city of Cologne is located. Clearly, sexual harassment of women by "refugees" has not been confined to that city, however.
Crude come-ons, unambiguous gestures: in the last week unpleasant scenes of sexual harassment of female pool visitors by male refugees have been occurring in Bornheim's "HallenFreizeitBad". 
"These are exclusively verbal attacks," said Bornheim's Social Affairs Director and first town council official Markus Schnapka said to EXPRESS. No criminal complaints have been filed about the incident. "But something must be done," said Schnapka. 
He decided to ban male refugees from access to the city pool with immediate effect. As: it was not the first incident of this type. 
In the previous week there was another serious incident in Bornheim too. An 18-year-old refugee had spoken to a 54-year-old woman on the street, touched her in an unseemly way and tried to kiss her. She called for help, a couple in the neighbourhood reacted and came. The victim was unhurt, the young man was questioned by the police.

Another similar report, from another part of North Rhine Westphalia.
In a swimming pool in Siegen, incredible scenes have apparently occurred: visitors to the swimming pool report of sexual harassment. 
The Siegen police are now investigating several young men from a "Group of immigrants", it says in a police report. The scenes are said to have occurred in the Netphen pool on the previous Friday. 
The managing director of the Netphen pool, Bernd Wiezorek, has now confirmed in a statement that a group of refugees "initially disrupted good order and later acted in an unseemly way." 
According to press reports, a care worker brought 20 to 25 refugees to the pool, paid for their admission and then left the building. 
Then a female member of the supervisory staff tried to explain the pool regulations to the group, which were also hung up in English, French and Arabic. The woman had "sometimes to be very emphatic", as the young men did not respect her. 
During an Aquacycling course, some of the refugees then "positioned themselves in the pool in such a way that they could 'gawp' at the women during the sport. Sexual arousal was clearly apparent in the men." 
An eye-witness from Netphen described on Facebook how "refugees were constantly grabbing female body parts and running behind female guests". 
Then the supervisors ordered a ban from the premises - which the refugees however ignored, according to the pool manager Wiezorek. Only when the guards threatened to call the police did the young men leave the institution.


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