Tuesday, 5 January 2016

On New Year's Even dozens of women in Cologne were the victims of sexual violence. According to a media report, young women in Hamburg were also robbed. harassed and attacked by groups of men. The police are currently investigating. 
The attacks on women in Cologne's central railway station were apparently not the only incident of this type. In Hamburg, too, in the Reeperbahn women were harassed and robbed by groups of men. 
As "Bild.de" reports, the first incidents are said to have occurred around midnight in Hans-Albers-Platz and on the "Grosse Freiheit". Later the attacks on women shifted to side streets off the Reeperbahn. According to eye-witnesses, groups of five to fifteen men, many of them of immigrant origin, are said to have harassed young women there.   
Furthermore, it is stated that the women were initially insulted. According to "bild.de", they hemmed in their victims, robbed them, touched them on the breasts and in intimate areas. Many young women ran to the bouncers of clubs and pubs. A 17-year-old told the newspaper that some girls were "hunted like animals". She found it incredible that this was possible in Hamburg.
The last evening of the year had an unpleasant ending for two 18-year-old girls in Stuttgart. Shortly before midnight, as they were passing through Schlossplatz, they were mobbed, harassed and robbed by 15 men. 
On New Year's Eve, two 18-year-old girls were on the Schlossplatz at around 11.30pm in the Königsbau area, when they were suddenly surrounded by around 15 men. The men prevented them from moving on, tried to rob them and touched the girls in an unseemly way, the Stuttgart police said. 
They tried to steal the purse of one of the two girls. It was only when passers-by and a bouncer came to help that the group left the young women. Afterwards the 18-year-olds noticed that both of their mobile phones had been stolen in the bustle. 
The police are now seeking information. The only thing known about the perpetrators is that they were Südländer [tn: people from the South, favourite German official euphemism for non-Europeans] of Arab appearance with black hair aged between 30 and 40.


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