Tuesday, 19 January 2016

According to an opinion poll, the Union [Merkel's party] is paying a heavy price in the favour of the voters in the middle of the dispute about the right course in refugee policy. In a new INSA opinion trend, CDU/CSU lose 2.5% compared to the previous week to 32.5%, thus sinking to an all-time low in the INSA poll, which has been running since 2012. 
The SPD [Socialists] are up one point to 22.5%, the right-wing populist AfD also up by one point to 12.5% and the FDP by 0.5 points to 6.5 per cent. The Left remain on ten per cent, the Greens lose 0.5% and are on 9.5%.


  1. And by the time Germans, as well as Brits, go to the polls, they will find that the aliens deliberately imported by the genocidists and enslavers of the EU will be a voting bloc that will side with the present evil regimes and will therefore ensure the destruction of Western peoples. Elections are soooooo last century....

  2. Due to low birthrates, the aged European demographic has a breeding cohort of barely 10 million European males. Europe is expecting approximately 10 million, largely young male 'refugees' from failed states collapsing from gross overpopulation due to unsustainably high birthrates. Each of these is entitled by law to bring in a wife and extended family. This is genocide against the European people. If that is what the European people want, then fine. But call it what it is. It is not a 'refugee crisis'. it is not a 'humanitarian crisis'. It Europe erasing itself from the map. It is genocide.

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