Friday, 15 January 2016

A couple of months ago, I made this post about women being harassed and groped by "refugees" at a "Refugees Welcome" event in Bonn. At last, mainstream journalism has caught up and is now reporting on the incident, with some added detail.
FURY was growing in Germany tonight over mounting evidence of a cover-up of migrant sex crimes after it emerged a welcome party for refugees held two months before the Cologne rapes descended into a mass groping session. 
... The appalling incident, on November 7, 2015, only became known of at all because one of the victims bravely decided to go to the police in the aftermath of the Cologne sex attacks. 
She told the city's Express newspaper how she and her friend were surrounded by migrants at the party, which was held on a boat, and were repeatedly groped despite asking the men to stop. 
She said: "I guess there were about 100 to 150 asylum seeker men there. I'd only been there a few minutes, and I got the first hand on my breast." 
Soon the fondling increased even further until there were "up to four men were pressing themselves on me and my friend at the same time", according to the victim. 
She said one migrant then grabbed her and kissed her, at which point she managed to break free and run off with another friend. 
The Cologne police force today furiously demanded to know why it was not alerted to the crimes by the organisers, even though the situation was so bad they had to make repeated pleas to the migrant men to stop sexually harassing young women. 
North Rhine-Westphalia region police spokesman Robert Scholten said: "The music had to be constantly stopped so that the message could be given out in Arabic to stop men harassing female guests. 
"We could have been called at this point but nobody alerted us to the problem." 
But the council official responsible for integration matters, Coletta Manemann, who helped organise the 'Refugees Welcome' event, did not report the incidents and has now been accused of a cover-up attempt. 
Admitting that she knew about the incident "shortly before Christmas" after talking to students who had been assigned to helping the refugees, she said: "I can't remember any more if I told them that they needed to go to the police or not." 
Amazingly she said she later concluded that "the student organisers had learned from the situation" and felt there was no need to make a fuss. 
However since then police have taken statements from numerous women who confirmed they had been sexually assaulted. 
The ship party took place in the city of Bonn, which is the same administrative region as Cologne where 1,000 migrant men would later go on the rampage, raping and robbing young women out celebrating New Year's Eve.


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