Friday, 1 January 2016

Even if no jihad attacks took place, the continuous fear of them is having a corrosive effect on European culture. On my previous site, I mentioned the Ritual of Muslim Violence, referring to the seasonal, cyclical nature of Muslim attacks. For example, there tends to be a spike in jihad incidents at over Christmas and at Easter. But it's not just that Muslims seem to derive a malignant pleasure from disrupting the festivities of other religions. Even secular celebrations provoke a similar response. For example, in France, Bastille Day is a favourite occasion for low-level street jihad with burning cars, attacks on police and firemen and the like. 

More and more, what ought to be joyous national moments in Europe are being ruined by the Muslim presence among us. And it will only get worse as their demographic expands. As fear of Muslim violence becomes the "new normal", it is critical we remember that this isn't something that just randomly occurred; it didn't come upon us through unfortunate happenstance. It happened because, a few decades ago, our rulers decided to implement a policy that led to the rapid repopulation of Europe by non-Europeans. The choices they made, and are still making, brought this about.



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