Wednesday, 13 January 2016

A few months ago, I posted about the French MEP Aymeric Chauprade, who was kicked out of the Front National for his openly anti-Islamic views. He made a video denouncing Islam and was questioned by the French police about it following a complaint by the Jewish anti-racist anti-goy organisation LICRA. Now he has founded a new political party called the Français libres, a reference to De Gaulle's "Free French" of the WW2 era. The party is openly anti-Islam. Its foremost goal is to work for the "de-islamisation of France".
First of all, the Français libres will fight for the de-islamisation of France, I would say the pushback of Islamic law, the pushback of sharia, which dangerously rivals the laws of the Republic on our territory and in our society.

Being openly anti-Islamic is obviously a step forward from the status quo. But it becomes clear he's still afflicted by official ideology in many respects. He says immigration isn't a problem. He says Jews are an integral part of the French nation. And he attacks, not Muslims, but "partisans of Islamic law", obviously an evocation of the Islam/Islamism distinction although he doesn't use the term Islamism.
Those who target the immigrant make a mistake, because what problem does an Asian or African immigrant pose to our civilisation when he works, when he respects the laws and the society that receives him? And what assimilation problem is posed by a Christian from Syria? 
The Français libres will clarify the discourse, the problem is the propagators of Islamic law, those who try to make us adopt Koranic law, those who pollute the life of French people, as far as Islamo-delinquency, those who are forcing French people of the Jewish faith towards Israel, depriving us of a dynamic population who form an integral part of our nation.
He also clearly aims to offer a more economically libertarian approach to nationalism than the Front National.
...the Free French will fight for the de-statisation of France, that is to say a reduction in public expenditure, the withdrawal from the state of its regal functions. With almost 60% of our GDP in state hands, France is the most socialist economy in the OECD. We can't continue like that...
...I do not want the French people, in the second round of the presidential elections, to be forced to choose between a globalised socialism and a nationalist socialism.
I think I should make a post about the connection between genes and culture, because it's obvious that many European patriots, even when they are Islam-aware, just don't get it.


  1. Son gente judía, consentida, y que consiguen el poder por diversos motivos, pero ahora hay una amalgama de posibilidades matemáticas que juegan en contra de lo que precisamente han creado desde Sión ( La Masonería )y, ésto, no puede finalizar con un claro vencedor, por lo que nadie está a salvo, verdaderamente.

    Hoy, casi todos los gobiernos occidentales están dirigidos por gente masona, que rinden pleitesía a sus amos : España, Francia, Alemania, Inglaterra ( no Reino Unido ) Holanda, Italia, etc.. Hasta incluso el Papa es masón, aunque hoy La Masonería esté disfrazada como algo parecido a un club de fumadores o de filatelia, es en realidad, una organización secreta criminal de poder mundial.

    Es así, no debería, pero lo es.