Sunday, 31 January 2016

"Unacceptable", "brutal", "inhuman" - the criticism of the most recent statement from AfD leader Frauke Petry is more than clear beyond the limits of her party. She demanded that the use of firearms against the refugees at the borders be considered. For Vice-Chancellor it is not enough to simply condemn this infringement - he is now saying the right-wing populist party should be monitored by the Agency for Protection of the Constitution. 
In the "Bild am Sonntag", the SPD boss also demanded that the AfD be excluded from TV rounds in public television. "For me the AfD belongs in constitutional protection reports and not on television." Gabriel continued: "Previously there was a clear rule in Germany: parties that turn against the free democratic constitutional order in our country are no longer helped to spread their propaganda via television."

And as seen previously in the example of the NPD [similar to the BNP], this monitoring is not a purely passive process. On the contrary, it involves massive infiltration of the party by government agents. When the German government tried to ban the NPD, it came out at the trial that around 25% of the party's senior functionaries were actually government agents. And they were the ones who had done and said the most outrageous things which had formed the basis for the court case. The attempt to ban the party failed for that reason, but another attempt to do the same thing was started recently. Note how the Socialist's idea of democracy involves having another political party excluded from debates and infiltrated and disrupted by government agencies. According to opinion polls, the AfD is now the third largest party in Germany, sitting at 12% nationwide.


  1. En muchos países de Europa, espiar está totalmente prohibido.

    Lo que demuestra, se traduce, en que vivimos en Estado de Guerra, pues, el espiar está permitido en estado de guerra.