Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The hopes that, faced with a declining population, increased immigration will solve the economic and labour market problems may prove to be deceptive, says Professor Herwig Birg, population scientist at the university of Bielefeld and President of the German Demography Society. This month Birg will be heard as an expert on the Immigration Law by the Interior Committee of the Federal Parliament.

DIE WELT: According to predictions, the German population will shrink from 82 million currently to 68 million in 2050. Can immigrants at least partially fill the gaps in the labour market? 
Herwig Birg: It's not that simple. First of all, immigration has socio-political effects. For example, in a crisis, a company can reduce its economic problems by letting go an immigrant who had been hired initially. But for society that's where the problems begin. In the end everyone is unhappy, the locals and the immigrants. Serious studies show that immigrants already cost the state more than they bring in to our social systems in receipts. These self-evident considerations even the Süssmuth Commission passed over. 
DIE WELT: The immigration plans of the government and the Union [Merkel's party] the talk is of strengthened integration and efforts to gain qualifications. Can social conflicts be solved that early? 
Birg: I hear the message, but I have no belief. When we speak of integration, we always think of a "German" majority society in which a minority is to be integrated. But exactly the reverse is happening. By 2010, in the under-40s in the major cities, the majority ratio of Germans to immigrants had tipped. Integration then means: How do I as a German integrate into a new majority society of immigrants? There's nothing about that in the immigration studies.


  1. Always good to be on the cusp of a new movement! So, the line from now on from the genocidists and enslavers (please, no talk of 'elitists') is that, WE, the Europeans, are NOW a minority and WE must integrate with the barbarians. Onward, Talmudic and Sharia Laws...

    1. To be fair to the professor, reading the rest of the interview, which I haven't translated here, it becomes obvious that he is one of the rational ones and is trying to put the brakes on.

    2. the whites won't stay though, they'll either congregate in expensive white neighbourhoods or leave the city

  2. The demography issue needs to be looked at with some degree of scepticism: in the Middle Ages, when the 'Black Death' (bubonic plague) is estimated by most historians to have decimated at least ONE THIRD of the entire European population, within less than a generation, the numbers lost had not only been replaced but the overall population numbers increased in births, not through 'immigration' or conquest from outside groups. The Caucasian race in both Europe and the Americas has been deliberately targetted, through punitive taxes on families, emphasis on baby murder (abortion), extolling of sexual perversions (which increase sexual diseases and lower fertility rates), financial moves designed to move women out of the home and into business (thus depriving them of their reproduction opportunities during their most fertile years), attacks on normal family life, foods and drugs which adversely affect fertility and reproductive capacity in both sexes, and I'm sure someone can add a few more. What we are looking at is not a genuine demographic decline amongst whites, but a planned warfare against a specific race and it is presently working because no one looks at the larger picture. Next time you're asked to contribute to starving third worlders, bring up the issue of sterilisation and note the response! This demographic 'decline' can be turned around, it's not a given.

  3. Due to low birthrates, the aged European demographic has a breeding cohort of barely 10 million European males. Europe is expecting approximately 10 million, largely young male 'refugees' from failed states collapsing from gross overpopulation due to unsustainably high birthrates. Each of these is entitled by law to bring in a wife and extended family. This is genocide against the European people. If that is what the European people want, then fine. But call it what it is. It is not a 'refugee crisis'. it is not a 'humanitarian crisis'. It Europe erasing itself from the map. It is genocide.

  4. Tengo en mi poder un documento público, que no recuerdo en el enlace para descargar, donde dice el documento de la O.N.U. que en Europa ha que reemplazar a los europeos con nuevas masas de inmigración. Similares palabras.

    Las personas occidentales, de raza blanca, ( son más responsables de forma general ) parece ser, que son, más conscientes del bienestar de sus familias y gentes, como es el control de la natalidad. Pero ésto, se ha interpretado de forma errónea por algunos grupos de poder en el mundo.

    Ya está todo dicho.