Friday, 29 January 2016

A police officer from Anhalt-Bitterfeld has been suspended from service due to his Facebook postings. He is faced with disciplinary proceedings. The reason is his claim that there were official statements from the police saying that refugee crimes should not be prosecuted. The Interior Ministry expressly denies this. 
... According to Moritz, Kleuckling is still an officer, as before, he continues to receive his salary despite the suspension. The disciplinary proceedings will now clarify whether he has infringed service regulations. The consequences of that - reduction of salary or even dismissal - remain open.

 Part of his Facebook post reads:
Official statements in all police directorates in the state of Saxony-Anhalt and even country-wide...Crimes committed by foreigners and refugees of theft, assault, robbery, etc. should not be prosecuted ...But I have to put a 73-year old inside for 30 days because he stole alcohol...a poor old men that has been let down by society. I didn't learn this profession for your incompetent decisions.


  1. Have you heard their latest attempt at propaganda, at sugar coating the genocide so that it's more easy to swallow? They're now referring to it as "The Great Migration", as if it were something other than state sanctioned ethnic cleansing.

    I've seen two references to it in the Telegraph by separate authors, not to mention the DM.

  2. The Telegraph was originally owned, for one year after its inception, by a British military men but he had to sell it a year later to the owner of The Times, a Jew, which means that throughout the 19th century and since, it is Jewish influence and agenda which has driven the media message in Britain, as in the US, Germany, Sweden and France. This is why, if you comment at the DT, no serious factual statements about Judaism or Jewish history in the destruction of the West is allowed. It might help, though, to refer from now on to the so-called 'elites' (Cameron, Merkel, Hollande, Sarkozy, Reinfeldt, et al, all jews) as 'genocidists' and 'enslavers.' At least it lets the enemy know the public has made a correct assessment of their actions, tactics and ultimate goals.

  3. Anonymous - what a stupid thing to say, if the Jews had taken it over they certainly wouldnt be covering up muslim crimes, the Jews do not like the muslims and vice versa