Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The psychoanalyst Hans-Joachim Maaz makes a harsh judgement about the Chancellor: "How Merkel is currently acting - irrationally and lacking in self-insight - creates grounds for fearing that she has lost her relationship with reality", he says in an interview with Huffington Post Deutschland. 
Maaz is a best-selling author. Before his retirement he was chief doctor at the Psychotherapeutic and Psychosomatic Clinic at the Evangelical Social Care Centre Halle. 
Maaz sees in Merkel a "narcissistic complex". She has an "artifically inflated sense of self". The expert says: "We must fear that Merkel herself believes she is the most powerful woman in the world." 
Actually the Chancellor has no real leadership strength. On the contrary: Maaz sees in Merkel a "self-esteem deficit, a sense of inferiority and an insecurity." 
According to Maaz, Merkel's actions represent a danger for Germany, because her stubborn insistence is leading to a division in society. And the expert also fears for Merkel's psychological state: "In the current situation it is actually to be feared that a psychological or psychosomatic collapse is imminent."


  1. Whose collapse --- hers, or the German people's? In our modern world, where morality has been rejected by so many, the very word 'evil', rather than a panoply of psychiatric mumbo-jumbo, is never used to describe such behaviour. Or is her jewish background (parents) simply showing through in loathing for those amongst whom she lives.

  2. Angela Merkel should be put on trial for treason. It is not known how many deaths she has caused via her treasonous policy and open invitation, nor is it known how many rapes she has facilitated in her own country. Treason is a capital offense and she should receive a fair trial. A defense of legal insanity would not hold, even as she shows the ability to reason that while disarming and tearing down walls, she insists on living safety behind armed walls, herself. This is reasonable engagement of her faculties in self preservation, even as she builds an extreme voter base at the expense of her nation.