Friday, 29 January 2016

The Europe of Nations and Freedom is a grouping in the European Parliament, bringing together some of the far-right patriotic parties. You can see the speeches at the conference below, in their original language. Some are in English. I've have been able to find a video showing all of the speeches in English translation. 

Press conference below, with Geert Wilders speaking in English: 


  1. What relationship is the European Parliament to the European Union? If there is any, and I rather think they are tightly linked, this is yet another ruse designed to lull Europeans into believing they can use parliamentary, governmental means to right the staggering crime of the attempted genocide and enslavement on them.

  2. It's mostly a pointless talking shop with no real power. However, because its members are elected through proportional representation, it's usually much easier for "far-right" politicians to get elected to it than to their national parliaments. This can help raise their profile and give them a platform to build on. As MEPs, they can also funding that to help them develop their political operations.

  3. le pen and gert are zionists

    1. Wilders racial background:

      He has 3 Dutch grandparents. One grandfather went to Indonesia and married an Indonesia girl, a daughter was born in 1933 in Soekaboemi and the family moved in 1934 to the Netherlands, here she grew up and became the mother of Geert Wilders.

      Grandmother seems be of both sides of mixed source, her grandmother on the fatherside was a was Goldman, her mother was adopted in 1807, at Malakka by an English man.
      Mother is unknown. In the Indian genealogy these data frequently mean that the mother was Asian. (possibly a slave in this case). The grandfather of of grandmother was also a son adopted at Soerabya in 1835, and further information on the mother is also lacking. grandmother was suspected indo and therefore her grandson Geert Wilders also.

      He dyed his hair blond, probably to look more Dutch.

      In his program you can read that he only wants to close the borders for 5 years...

      Well there you have it folks, and the so called ''left winged'' world only helps him by calling him a racist/nazi/etc instead of showing who he really is, but then again, the left winged world is also controlled opposition!

  4. the Malayan Wilders does not even want to remove most muslims from the Netherlands and is pro more immigration of Chinese. The problem is not that he supports zionism and israel, the problem is that israel and zionism supports mass-immigration, worse yet, they are the architects of the mess we are in.

  5. Wilders and Israel

    Wilders lived in Israel for two years during his youth and has visited the country 40 times the last 25 years.

    Wilders stated about Israel: "I have visited many interesting countries in the Middle East (Tunisia, Turkey, Cyprus, Iran) but nowhere did I have the special feeling of brotherhood that I always get when I land on Ben Gurion International Airport. Dutch public tv channel Nederland 2's daily news programme Netwerk reported, that numerous Americans supporting the state of Israel financially supported Wilders' Party for Freedom (PVV) and openly approved of his message towards Islam and Islamic terrorism.
    Wilders told an audience during the report, that "We [in the West] are all Israel". He has also said "Israel is the West's first line of defense" against what he perceives to be a threat posed by Islam.

    I saw this Dutch program about the support Wilders gets in the USA, most of them where rich Jews:

    Here you can see the program, its part in Dutch but in America you can see who supports him who all speak English, worth watching:

    At one point you see a ''Dutch'' guy called Leon de Winter, he is against Wilders but he is Jewish and pro mass-immigration, he is the same as Wilders, working for the same zionist elite.