Saturday, 30 January 2016

Cologne's schools have also reacted to the attacks on New Year's Eve around the square in front of the railway station and have given thought to the upcoming carnival days. Some of them have significantly changed their carnival programme this year. 
The Archibishop Ursuline school has gone the furthest: the girls' school, located in the Kuniber district, not far from the main railway station, plans, for the first time, to use one of its variable holidays on Weiberfastnacht [Ladies' Festival Day]. "We want to spare our female pupils from coming to school on that day," explains Maike Strung from the school office. 
The sessions that will be held inside the school between Monday and Wednesday in the coming week have been arranged by the school management in such a way that they will end before the onset of darkness. Pupil safety is the highest priority, it was stated.

Cologne police have said they will be deploying 2500 officers to monitor the carnival, three times as many as in the previous year.


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