Wednesday, 27 January 2016

There is fear in Austria's railway station districts: refugees are practising violent terror. 
Thefts. Material damage. Bodily injuries. The devil is loose in our railway stations - almost everywhere. Whether in Linz, in Salzburg, in Vienna orr in Klagenfurt and Villach – travellers, residents and local businesspeople are complaining about the recent terror in the railway station districts. 
It involves refugees, but not only them. Young asylum seekers are now "living" in Vienna West railway station, in Praterstern lots of things are out of control, in Linz a marauding gang has entrenched itself. Travellers are insulted and robbed, even refugee helpers and Red Cross employees are attacked and injured. 
Everywhere the same demands are made: the local police need to be reinforced, there must be more video-monitoring, better controls on the refugees. 
Salzburg, Linz. Recently Salzburg and Linz sounded the alarm at almost the same time. There 50 Moroccans are terrorisng the railway station district. They are young men between 18 and 30 who were sent back at the German border. "The incidents range from disruptions to public order to dangerous threats and serious assault," says police spokesman David Furtner: "Even Red Cross helpers have been attacked." It is in the evenings especially, when the young men are drunk, that attacks occur. 
In Salzburg, business people are going to the barricades. The police confirm that thefts from shops have recently increased dramatically. "Many of my employees are now afraid," confirmed a businessman to ORF. 
Villach, Klagenfurt. In Villach and Klagenfurt, too, the alarm bells are ringing. In both cities police inspections at the railway stations were recently ended. There, too, there are said to have been lots of problems with young refugees.


  1. You can't deport them because that would deprive them of their 'human rights'. You can't charge them with rape because your law says they are entitled to a 'family life'. Europe has followed its magical thinking into an abyss.

  2. Look at this holocaust hustler:

    I wish my sister had died in such circumstances so I could milk it for everything they got.

  3. This massive thing cant be an accident. Merkel is not trying to stop it but encourage it. What kind of German leader wants to flood their nation with foreigners? Only bad things have come from 1,000,000 mostly male Arabs in Austria or Germany for that matter, yet no European leader is saying, "this has been a mistake, the situation must be reversed." On this issue, I've heard the name 'Bilderbergs' mentioned many times. Why can't the Greek or Italian Navy turn these boats back? I think a civil war is coming that will cross borders.