Monday, 14 December 2015

MMLP-Speech by zakalwe2

When Marion Maréchal-Le Pen first won a surprise election victory as an MP, becoming the youngest French MP ever, I assumed she was just trading on her good looks and family name. But once you hear her speak, you realise how wrong is the assumption that she's just some airhead bimbo. She is astonishingly eloquent, more so even than her aunt. "Il y a des victoires qui font honte aux vainqueurs". [There are victories that shame the victors]. Beautiful.


  1. She reminds me of Anne Coulter, except coulter has some bizarre ideas regarding "perfecting" Jews (ie converting them to Christianity).

  2. La Izquierda en Francia ha pedido el voto para Sarkozy.

    Ésto es, para que no consiga la victoria el FN.

    Para mí el FN ha conseguido una doble victoria, y en unos años o antes los franceses patriotas ( FN ) van a defender Francia de verdad.

    Es cuestión de tiempo o guerras civiles en toda Europa.

    Viva Francia !