Friday, 25 December 2015

If you need some light reading to tide you over the Christmas period, below you will find extracts from the paper "Sebeos, the Jews and the Rise of Islam" by Robert Hoyland. This paper can be downloaded in PDF form from the website (Link here). I suggest you do that and read it there.

It is primarily an attempt to evaluate the reasonableness of the thesis expounded by John of Sebeos, which I discussed in Part 1 of this series (here), that Jews played a formative role in the emergence of Islam. Apparently there is a school of thought among academic researchers, known as Judeo-Hagarisn, which takes up this idea. I intend to look into this further and will post about it here.

For those of you who want to accompany me on this journey, these ideas about the origin of Islam are apparently expounded in the book Hagarism: the Making of the Islamic World by Patricia Crone and Michael Cook. I checked it out on Amazon. It's out-of-print and used copies seemingly sell for £1000. I've noted before the way curious way in which books critical of Jews tend to go out of print and become unavailable. Fortunately, it's available for free download on (here).

Among the most interesting points in the Hoyland paper quoted below are:

The Constitution of Medina proclaimed Jews to be part of the Umma.

They were to take the side of Muslims against outsiders and vice versa.

The Jews participated in raids with the Muslims and shared in the booty.

The Jews encouraged the Muslims to believe that they had been promised the land of Palestine by God, and encouraged them to "recapture" it.

It is possible to adumbrate a hypothesis according to which Jews, having sided with Persians against Christians during the "apocalyptic" Byzantine-Persian wars of the early 7th century, were forced to flee to Arabia when the Byzantines regained control of the territory they had lost. The expatriate Jews, wishing to return to the land of Israel, helped develop an ideology of conquest among the Arabs, encouraging them to believe they had a right and a duty to "reconquer" the lands the Jews had just been driven out of. This reconquest then took place. According to this interpretation, Islam would then be yet another "Jewish Frankenstein Monster", this one the most monstrous of all.

Note: these extracts are not continuous. The PDF file won't let me copy and paste text so I've had to do it using screen captures.

Merry Christmas (not Happy Holidays) to all regular readers! 


  1. As they share many rituals, and and articles of faith, it wouldn't take even Inspector Closeau long, to deduce that islam is in essence, as a pal succinctly put it, "kikes on camels".

    A very Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

    Jan Sobieski

    1. That's similar to what Disraeli said in the 19th century: "Arabs are just Jews on horseback".